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Bright Green: “Denyer and Ramsay backed by two thirds of current and former Green parliamentarians”

Yesterday Bright Green published their analysis of the endorsements that Carla and Adrian have received from our MPs, Lords and former MEPs. These include Caroline Lucas, Alex Phillips, Scott Ainslie, Molly Scott Cato and several others.

Here are some exceprts from the article:

[Caroline] Lucas said Denyer and Ramsay are the “winning team” and the “strategic choice of leadership contenders. She said:

We’re lucky to see an exciting contest for leadership in the Green Party right now. But my winning team is Carla and Adrian. Not only are they brilliant campaigners, they also have a track record as successful councillors, delivering real change for their communities. They are serious politicians for serious times

Crucially this is the strategic choice. I know from my own experience just what a difference it made to be leader of the Green Party when I was contesting Brighton Pavilion for the first time in 2010. Electing Carla and Adrian co-leaders both boosts our chance of winning our second MP in Bristol West, as well as embedding electoral experience and success throughout the party.

Speaking on her decision to back Denyer and Ramsay, [Alex] Phillips described the latter as “strategic and thoughtful”. She said:

Adrian is the strategic and thoughtful leader we need right now. He masterminded the rise of the Green Party in Norwich, delivering unprecedented success in the city. We need his experience to deliver the next crop of Green MPs.

[Adrian] said that the endorsements showed that he and [Carla] are the “trusted ticket” in the leadership contest. Ramsay said:

The backing of elected Greens shows we are the trusted ticket to deliver electoral success and capitalise on the current exciting window of opportunity for the Green Party. We are inspired by the rise of the Scottish Greens and the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. James Shaw & Marama Davidson, Lorna Slater & Patrick Harvie have motivated record numbers to back the Greens and have taken the Greens into government. That’s the credible and capable model of leadership we seek to follow, to win wide public support for the Green Party and our policies.

Published by Steve Caudwell

Councillor for Castle Bromwich on Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, and Green group leader of fifteen councillors. Also West Midlands Mayoral candidate in 2021 and Meriden Parliamentary candidate in 2019.

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