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About Adrian

Adrian is a former Green Party Deputy Leader, serving during Caroline Lucas’ first term as leader (2008 to 2012). He was part of the team that saw Caroline elected as the first Green MP in Brighton Pavilion in 2010. 

Adrian was a leading Councillor in Norwich, overseeing unprecedented success for the party. During his tenure Norwich Green Party grew rapidly to become the largest Green councillor group in the country at the time, reaching 15 seats. 

Adrian is an experienced media performer, and was widely seen as a professionalising force in the party. He co-wrote the book on Target to Win and helped build the party structures that have enabled the party to more than treble our councillor numbers in the last decade.

Since 2012 Adrian has served as the CEO of two national environmental charities, including the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). He currently leads MCS Charitable Foundation which advocates for renewable energy and green homes. Adrian has also worked as a senior lecturer in environmental politics and economics.

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