Professionalise the party

We have a long track record in building the party up

Adrian has been the CEO of two charities of similar size to the Green Party. And as Deputy Leader in 2008 to 2012 he was known as a professionalising force within the party. He brings a proven track record and organisational expertise to help take the party to the next level.

We want to start with improving how our party executive functions. We’ll work to encourage greater transparency and accountability to the membership. And we want to encourage more long term decision making, ensuring we’re properly planning out what success looks like for the next decade. 

We’ll play an active role in discussion on the party’s governance, ensuring that our structures and processes are fit for purpose for the current and future size and ambitions of the party. We are proud that our party is powered by volunteers. We need the systems in place to ensure that volunteers, members and staff are properly supported, including calling on external professional expertise when appropriate.

We will work closely with the party’s management to ensure that staff have the direction and support needed to continue to deliver great work in support of our goals. We will stand up for staff, ensuring there is clarity on where staff responsibilities start and end, and ensuring employees of the Green Party aren’t facing unrealistic workloads. 

We’ll work with the comms team to ensure clear and powerful messaging, and that all our spokespeople have the support they need to deliver the Green message effectively and widely.

And we’ll be champions for fundraising. We know that money is one of our biggest limiting factors. We see it as part of our role as co-leaders to help build relationships with current and potential donors.

The next generation of leaders

30 under 30 has done fabulous work building up a next generation of activists, including Carla!

It’s vital that we build up the next generation of Green talent. Young Greens’ 30 under 30 scheme is a great example, but we can do more.

We want to see more training and opportunities provided for candidates and councillors to build their profile, practice leadership and develop their media experience. Investing in talent will provide our next crop of MPs, Members of the Senedd, spokespeople and leaders.

This must include building a diverse leadership. We will champion ring-fenced funds such as the Deyika fund to support the next generation of Greens of Colour leaders in the party.

We’ll make time to support the rollout of training programmes and mentor upcoming talent.

A thriving and growing membership

You, our members, are our most vital resource

Growing our membership is a vital task, and we’re clear we do that by running vibrant campaigns.

As co-leaders we want to lead on big and bold campaigns, pushing those in charge to deliver social justice and act on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. We know that when we mobilise supporters behind a cause we can grow our membership.

And we want to see our membership diversify and thrive. The Greens of Colour 5 Demands campaign was an excellent example of how we can work with our special interest groups to champion change and recruit members.

Most importantly, when people know we can win, they join, so our focus on electoral success will help grow the party. 

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