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Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas MP 
"The Party currently has a vital opportunity to establish itself as the third party in British politics., and put powerful Green ideas at the top of the political agenda. I believe Carla and Adrian are the winning team to enable us to achieve that."

Two thirds of Green Parliamentarians

The backing of elected Greens shows we are the trusted ticket to deliver electoral success and capitalise on the current exciting window of opportunity for the Green Party. Pictured: Molly Scott Cato, Scott Ainslie, Catherine Rowett, Alex Phillips, Gina Dowding, Jenny Jones, Ellie Chowns, Caroline Lucas

Molly Scott Cato

"Carla and Adrian have the proven experience to take the Green message to the wider public and get more Greens elected. And they have the values of fairness, inclusiveness and compassion that we need to bring the party together behind these goals."

Cllr Gina Dowding

"These are exciting times for the Green Party and I want to see our new leaders help build on our recent progress and take us forward to win more seats at the next general election. Carla and Adrian are the team to make that happen. Their experience as elected politicians is invaluable: I’m convinced they are a winning team." Gina Dowding. Lancaster Councillor and Former MEP

Ellie Chowns, former MEP

I’m voting for Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay in the Green Party leadership election. They have a fantastic track record of campaigning, leading, and winning elections To get Green change we need to win at the ballot box; Carla & Adrian know how to do that!

Cllr Alex Phillips

“Adrian is the strategic and thoughtful leader we need right now. He masterminded the rise of the Green Party in Norwich, delivering unprecedented success in the city. We need his experience to deliver the next crop of Green MPs
And by making Carla our co-leader we give ourselves the best possible chance of winning our next Green MP in Bristol"

Cllr Rosi Sexton

"I'm backing Carla and Adrian for Green Party co-leaders. They both have experience as elected politicians, and understand the need to reach out beyond our echo chamber to engage with voters who may not already think of themselves as Greens.   I believe their vision for the future of the party is closest to my own: a party that is serious about inclusion, credibility and winning elections." Rosi Sexton Solihull Councillor and Chair of AGC

Cllr Scott Ainslie

"I've always felt that it's vital for our leaders to have been elected by members of the general public and gained the support of people from all parties and none, convincing them by the power of their experience and their arguments. For me, Carla and Adrian represent exactly that sort of authority and have demonstrated leadership in political office that is a necessary prerequisite for leading a political party."

Catherine Rowett, former MEP

"Adrian is a brilliant force for winning elections and architect of the 2019 campaign that won the East of England its first Green MEP. I’m thrilled that he’s standing with Carla, a politician of true calibre, experience and charm. We’ll be truly blessed to have this team as joint leaders at this crucial moment.”

Cllr Jamie Osborn

"Carla and Adrian are the leaders the Green Party needs right now. As the climate emergency gets ever more urgent, I know that Carla and Adrian can mobilise activists, win elections, and deliver the practical gains we need to radically change the political system." Jamie Osborn, Norwich Councillor

Benali Hamdache

"I've served as co-chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens and I've worked as a Election Campaign Manager.  I trust Carla & Adrian to be the well rounded team we need. To build the party up, to grow an inclusive culture and focus on winning elections." Benali Hamdache Spokesperson & Council candidate

Cllr Lily Fitzgibbon

"I am super excited to see a candidacy focused on compassion and credibility. I believe Carla and Adrian will prioritise winning elections across the country and help people realise that we are an electable force. More importantly, they will keep compassion and social justice at the heart of their environmentalism. Until we are unified on this front, the time sensitive work to tackle climate change cannot work effectively." Lily Fitzgibbon Bristol Councillor

Cllr Steve Caudwell

"The climate crisis will be averted only when the political will exists to do so. So, more than ever, we need a Green Party that is unified and laser-focused on making it clear to the political Establishment that we are willing to take power at the ballot box and then take the actions that they will not.   Carla and Adrian represent our best chance of becoming that challenger." Steve Caudwell Green group leader on Solihull Council

Cllr Amy Heley

I’m voting for Carla and Adrian, because of their commitment to climate and social justice, evidenced by their inspirational work as councillors. From action on the climate emergency, housing, green jobs and unwavering support for LGBTQIA+ rights, I believe they are the candidates to advance Green policies and get more greens elected

Cllr Simon Grover

For the Green Party to achieve its objectives, we need to appeal to more voters and convince them to vote for us. That means looking credible and being electable. It means supporting local parties to target, breakthrough and expand. And it means demonstrating everywhere that we are the party of compassion: in our party, in our communities and beyond. In a strong field of candidates, I believe Carla and Adrian are best placed to help deliver this vision.

Mirka Virtanen

I’m voting for Carla and Adrian because of their track record of getting things done in the party and as councillors. I want a party focussed on winning elections and building from the ground up while also ensuring that our internal processes are inclusive. I believe that Carla and Adrian are the candidates with the experience, electability and integrity to transform the party to a winning electoral force.

Cllr Paula O’Rourke

I endorse Carla for co-leader, as her work as a councillor in Bristol has shown what she has to offer; she is dedicated, hard-working and has shown excellent judgement. As co-leader, she will bring the skills and qualities that Bristol has benefitted from to the wider party.

Cllr Emma Edwards

The Green Party has grown so much and I believe Carla and Adrian will keep this momentum going. Knowing Adrian’s electoral experience, and personally seeing Carla’s compassion, hard work and vision I believe they are the right choice. Carla inspired me to become a councillor and I believe they will both be able to inspire more people, to vote, to join and to get involved. That is why I will be voting for Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay to be joint leaders.

Cllr Mohamed Makawi

"I’ve worked with Carla, so I know she stands with refugees, disabled and BME communities. She and Adrian will be the leaders we need to reach new voters and change society for the better."

Sandy Hore-Ruthven

I’m backing Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay for leadership. They have a track record of growing the party in their cities and a breadth of experience of leadership.

Cllr Louis Stephen

“There are some great candidates contesting the Green Party leadership. But after careful consideration, I’m backing Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay as the most effective and experienced team to get more Greens elected and put powerful Green ideas at the top of the political agenda."

Cllr James Abbott

I am voting for Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay to be new Co-Leaders. Their top priority is the right one – to get more Greens elected at all levels as the best way to bring about real green change for society.

Cllr Andrea Powell

I've voted for Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay to be the next co-leaders of the Green Party. They are proven winners who can help to consolidate our position as the natural choice for progressive voters.

Cllr Chloe Turner

There's a lot of exciting talent on offer in the Green Party leadership election. But with the climate emergency accelerating & Greens increasingly granted a seat at the table, we need a heavyweight team representing. For me (& this amazing lot), that's Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay.

Cllr Lesley Grahame

"Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay have the experience, skills, determination and kindness that the Green Party and the world need."

Cllr Ben Price

"I've voted first preference for Adrian Ramsay and Carla Denyer because they have the skills and experience to reform and modernise the party. They will broaden the appeal of Green politics, turning support into votes, councillors and MPs. Now more than ever, we need leadership that can take us to the next level so we can tackle the climate emergency and protect the most vulnerable in our society."

Cllr Ash Haynes

"Adrian was incredibly supportive when I stood for election as a young councillor, so I know he and Carla will strengthen diversity in our elected representatives and support young people getting elected. Carla and Adrian are what the party needs right now combining skills at winning elections with strong work on social and environmental issues."

Andrew Simms, co-author Green New Deal

"I think Carla and Adrian would make a compelling, confident and courageous team as co-leaders of the Green Party. They bring experience, vision and track records of making things happen as elected representatives."

Cllr Katy Grant

"The Green Party of England and Wales is at a crucial point in its history, as we face a climate and ecological emergency which requires immediate and radical polaction. As the party takes its place in the mainstream, GPEW leadership must be focused, hard-hitting, inclusive and credible. Carla and Adrian have the skills, experience, commitment and passion to deliver this for the party, for voters, and for all of our future."

Cllr Tom Hathway

"I’m backing Carla and Adrian for co-leaders as they show the drive and commitment needed for the party to break through in national politics. Their wealth of campaigning experience and compassion will be critical in getting the Green Party over the line and into the business of shaking up Westminster."

Cllr Tim Wye

I am privileged to work with Carla on Bristol. I have seen her in action. She provides real leadership, was central to us becoming the equal largest party on the City Council and is helping us become a real and effective opposition. She has a talent for bringing people together and identifying any internal party issues and resolving them effectively. She can work collaboratively and cross-party: the best example being building cross-party support for Bristol’s clear position on the climate emergency. I will be voting for her and Adrian for Party Leader.

Cllr Bridget Petty

"Having worked with Carla in fighting Bristol 
Airport Expansion I know her to be an 
excellent communicator. The Green Party now needs leadership to pull together the hard work of the past few years and ensure higher and wider success at all levels of government. 
I think this leadership team has the qualities that will attract even more green voters. I am backing Carla and Adrian for party leaders."

Daniel Laycock

“Adrian and Carla are not only the leaders we need, but they’re the leaders that will take us to the next level. 

Their experience, knowledge, leadership, values and principles is vital for us to grow even further. 

They’ve more experience in every aspect that will see Greens be the alternative party for all voters.

It’s time for change and they are the change we need.”

Cllr Jonathan Essex

"Carla and Adrian have an inspiring track record as Green Councillors, led campaigning on the climate emergency in Bristol (Carla) and as CEO of Centre for Alternative Technology and MCS Charitable Foundation (Adrian). I am backing Carla and Adrian as the co-leaders to bring the Green Party together and take it forward."

Stuart Jeffery

“I’m backing Carla and Adrian for Green Party co-leaders. Their experience can propel us to be truly the third party in the country. I believe their uniting and inclusive approach will turn us into a force to be reckoned with.”

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