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Bright Green: The crisis of the 21st century needs Green politics

Read the article on Bright Green Greece on fire. California is in drought. London tube stations flooded, New York and Zhengzhou too. Floods killing thousands in Niger. Extreme heat in Algeria. We are confronted by the reality of extreme weather daily. But the media isn’t making the links between these events and the climate emergency.…

Bright Green: What we’d deliver in our first 100 days as Green Party co-leaders

Read Carla & Adrian’s plan in Bright Green The polls have confirmed it once again: the Green Party is on track to become the third party of England and Wales, overtaking the Liberal Democrats. As candidates for the Green Party’s next co-leaders, we have a long-term vision for how to capitalise on the political space that is opening…

Left Foot Forward: Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay: We’re going to take back the Green New Deal from Labour

Read the article on Left Foot Forward ‘Environmental policies aren’t ‘for the planet’ – the planet will be fine. It’s us, the people living on it, that these policies are for.’ In 2008 a team of economists and environmentalists published “A Green New Deal”. It was a wholescale plan to tackle climate change, create jobs…


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